Terror At Skellington Manor: Theatre Of The Macabre
Terror At Skellington Manor: Theatre Of The Macabre

Haunted Manor FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

General Admission $20 per person, all ages.
FAST PASS Timed Ticketing  $30 per person, all ages. 
Doors open at 7pm. See our schedule for exact dates and times.
Tickets are available at the door or online using our ticket link. Haunt is open rain or shine. NO REFUNDS

Is there a discount for children?
No. We do NOT discriminate! We scare everyone equally!

Is there a group discount?
We do not offer any group discounts. Follow us on Facebook for special promotions during the season.

Will I be scared?
Hopefully, that IS the purpose of a Haunted House! Remember different things frighten different people. What you might find disturbing may be terrifying to others. Our main goal is to entertain!

Can I bring children?
While you can bring children, it is up to the individual parent. We try and present a very realistic environment that may be disturbing for those of an impressionable age. But it will vary with the individual. We have had adults pee their pants and the youngster with them want to go through again!! Only YOU know what is best for your child.

I heard some people actually pee their pants?
Yes, that IS true! We usually have several confirmed “panty-wetters” each weekend. Better wear your Depends!

Can the actors touch you?
No. Touch Nothing and Nothing will touch you. While the actors do not use touch scares,, the very close proximity or your own fear may result in you accidentally bumping into one of our actors. Intentional harassment of actors or damage of props will not be tolerated.

Do you use fog or strobe lights in your haunt?
Yes. Warning signs are posted at the doors.

Can I bring my cell phone?
Sure you can bring it, but it is best if you turn it off and bury it deep in a pocket during your experience. Cell phone use is not allowed within the haunt and when scared anything in your hand or easily accessible pocket is usually the first thing that goes!!! Anything lost within the haunt will be collected at the evening’s end and available at the ticket booth the following night. Good rule, if you don’t want to lose it… don’t bring it!

Is photography allowed?
Sorry, but no. There are many reasons including the fact that a flash or strobe will temporarily blind our actors. It disrupts the other guest’s experience. If you are pausing to take pictures you slow down the line behind you.

Is this one of those haunts that just have a bunch of black walls and confined space and then some spots where the actor jumps out and screams BOO?
Absolutely NOT! As soon as you enter Skellington Manor your experience into the twisted halls of the Theatre of the Macabre begins. We pride ourselves in an immersive experience that will transport you into an altered reality. You do not merely walk a hallway and look into a cheesy scene, you walk through and are enveloped to become part of the scene. You escape the mundane rigors of your normal life to spend a few minutes in the heightened experience of OUR world! Theatre of the Macabre is a walk through twisted scenes, amazing special effects, amongst various freaks and oddities. What are you afraid of? Join Us!!

Is there a refund policy?
We are open rain or shine. All Sales are final. NO REFUNDS

How can I get additional information?
If your questions are not answered here contact us at owners@skellingtonmanor.com or leave a message on our Facebook page or call 563-344-9187.