Terror At Skellington Manor: Theatre Of The Macabre
Terror At Skellington Manor: Theatre Of The Macabre

About the Haunted Manor

In October, Skellington Manor offers a dark walk through themed event with highly detailed scenes, jaw dropping special effects, interactive characters and documented paranormal activity. Your experience starts as soon as you walk in the doors of this former Rock Island Masonic Temple. Built in 1913 by the Masonic Association, the building was the home of the Trio Lodge from 1913 until 2009. Today, many will agree, the transformation of the building is impressive! Simply Terrifying!  

Based on actual events…

During the renovation of a historic building in downtown Rock Island, several trades workers reported hearing footsteps and seeing ghostly apparitions lurking in the halls, doors slamming and strange voices throughout the building. Previous owners have also confirmed that they too had reports of similar experiences.

Paranormal groups  from around the two state area both have investigated and documented proof of actual paranormal activity. Investigators have determined restless spirits from the past dwell within the walls of Skellington Manor!

Are they watching? Are they waiting for you?

Confront your worst fears!!

NOTE* The scare factor of this event is not recommended for small children. Appropriate ages – 10 and above. PARENTAL DISCRETION ADVISED.  We recommend you dress appropriately and wear comfortable shoes that stay on your feet. 

We appreciate your business. A portion of all events we host help fund our Paying it Forward project bringing important fresh Water4Life  to families in Kenya Africa. Our mission to entertain you and give back to our global mission of providing fresh clean water to families in need in Kenya, Africa.