Terror At Skellington Manor: Theatre Of The Macabre
Terror At Skellington Manor: Theatre Of The Macabre

Terror At Skellington Manor

Terror At Skellington Manor


Theatre Of The Macabre

A Haunted Experience

Who are these strange residents of the long-abandoned macabre Manor? What happened to them?

Over the years terrible things were rumored to have happened inside every corner of the haunted mansion. It’s said that each room has a tale to tell. Perhaps tonight the Manor will reveal its mournful tales to you.

Terror At Skellington Manor

Voted one of top 10 Haunted Houses in Illinois and a local fan favorite! Check our 2019 Haunt Schedule. Opening Night Saturday, September 28th!

Open Weekends: Friday & Saturday 7p till Midnight, Sunday 7p till 10p, and the last Thursday in October from 7p till 10p.

Tickets available at the DOOR or ONLINE.

General Admission $20.00 (All Ages)

VIP Fast Pass $25.00 (less wait time)

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We strive to bring the beauty of darkness to every corner of this haunted mansion, induce horror and suspense in our willing victims, and create experiences that will revisit you in the darkest nights.

NOTE***The haunt is not recommended for small children (Parents use your own discretion). Bring your kids to Scare-D-Cat Day on the last Saturday in October from 1p till 4p. This is a great time to see the Haunted Mansion in the light without all the special effects or scary actors.