Pay it Forward

The Pay it Forward Foundation and Creeps that Care, Inc. are Iowa non profit corporations launched by Michael and Penni Steen in 2016.  Inspired by the generosity of the Fishers of Men Ministeries, the Steen’s set in motion the funding of a deep water well project in Kilawa Village, Eastern Kenya.

We became aware of the tremendous need for fresh water around the world after getting involved in a fundraising efforts to raise money for  “Mwalimu’s Dream”, a deep water well project in Mombassa, Kenya in 2013. With the completion of this fresh water well project, the Steen’s felt a strong calling to fund  water well projects in Kenya. The Pay it Forward Foundation and Creeps that Care, Inc. were set in motion to assist with future fundraising projects as a way to pay it forward to those in need. The Steen’s had tremendous success giving back to the community during the early 2000’s with their business “Terror in the Woods” when it was open 1993-2007. These Terror teams were huge supporters of the North Scott Food Panty in the early days.

When we moved our business from Donahue, Iowa to Skellington Manor in downtown Rock Island we were searching for another project to support.  With a dream of wanting to impact as many people as possible in some life changing way we were blessed to cross paths with Pastor Joshua Ngao of the Fishers of Men Ministeries. This wonderful organization has done many pay it forward projects in Kenya including several water wells throughout the country. After working with Pastor Joshua on Mwalimu well and seeing how that impacted tens of thousands of Kenyan’s lives we felt a calling to do what we can to further this cause. With this well, as is all wells, the health impact alone makes projects like this life saving. Those areas that have had water wells installed have seen a significant drop in infant mortality from water borne disease. This has also impacted the general populations health issues. Health clinics have reported substancial drops in water borne disease’s.  Another huge benefit is the impact this has on the ability of these villages to begin economic growth. From just the freedom of having much more time in the day to spend on doing other things then acquiring water gives these people the ability for a much better life.  Just having accessible fresh water impacts peoples ability to grow produce, to have livestock and to live a healthier more productive life.  What a Blessing!!