Frank and Julia

After a trip abroad, Frank brought Julia a unique puzzle box as a gift.  Upon solving the puzzle, he summoned demons from hell who ravaged his body and ripped him apart. Julia found Frank’s lifeless body in their study and brought him back to life. Frank convinced Julia that to help him survive she needed to lure victims to their room and harvest their blood and skin. In this way Frank and Julie could be together forever. However, the demons caught on and Julie suffered the same fate. She was brought back to life, but neither her or Frank were completely whole. This started the maniacal killing spree in efforts for the two to become what they once were. A short time later, the two discovered by the staff of the Skellington Manor Asylum. The staff determined that Frank and Julia suffered from a flesh eating bacteria which caused them to lose their skin and caused their insanity. Frank and Julia were committed to the Asylum where they took sanctuary from the demons. Visitors are warned of the pair and their violent nature but every so often a visitor will wander too close and disappear never to be heard from or seen again.