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The Heist

Objective:  You and your team have slipped past heightened security at the estate of a well-known jewel thief. Your mission is to recover precious diamonds that were stolen from a safety deposit box in the heart of London’s jewelry district. Once the safe is opened you can turn off the alarms and recover the precious gems. You have only 60 minutes to find the secret stash and escape undetected before the security guard returns!

Designed for 4-8 persons ages 14 and over.  Price per person – $25



Authorities have reported another missing woman in a string of strange disappearances. The Bi State Criminal Investigation Unit has selected your team to assist in finding the location of the missing girl before  time runs out. You will have 75 minutes to explore this multi room escape adventure game to find clues, solve puzzles, discover keys and combinations to locked boxes, put all the info together to complete your quest before the clock runs out.

Designed for 4-10 persons aged 14 and over. Price per person – $30

Hours of Operation

By Appointment Only
You must book your room 4 hours in advance.

Games Available  11am – 7pm


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Note* Skellington Manor Event Center books a variety of special events including Murder Mystery Dinners, Receptions, Private Parties and our popular haunted attraction Terror at Skellington Manor. Our event center is a busy place and escape game time slots are subject to availability.


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