Escape Experience FAQs

Q. Just what is this Escape Experience?

A.  Skellington Manor Escape Experience is a live interactive game.  You  and your team have 60 minutes to try to escape from a themed room.  You will be looking for hidden objects, searching for clues to the puzzles that will lead you to the final answers to solve your mystery and make your escape! It is an adventure, a memory maker and just plain ol’ FUN for anyone!

Q. What should I bring?

A.  Just bring yourself and some friends and we will take care of the rest!   You are welcome to bring purses and smartphones into the Escape Experience but pictures and videos are strictly prohibited. Your belongings will be placed in a cabinet inside the room.

Q. When should I arrive?

A. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled game time. This will ensure you have enough time to get prepared for the room.  Once the game starts we are no longer able to get additional players who arrive late into the game.

Q. What happens if I arrive late?

A. Unfortunately once an Escape Experience game has started we are unable to let you into the live game room.   There will be no reschedules or refunds given.  Please remember your team is counting on you to be on time. Sorry, no refunds!

Q. How old do you have to be to play?

A. The puzzles and clues are designed for players  age 16 or older. If you book a full room (6-8 people) you may  request to bring players ages 12 years plus however we ask that there are no more than two players under 17 years old in each game.

Q. How long will I be there?

A. You have 60 minutes to try and escape the Escape Experience.  Some groups succeed and some do not!  The time you are at the Escape Experience facility will depend on if you escape or not and how long it takes your group to escape if you are successful.  You should plan on being at Skellington Manor Escape Experience for up to 1 ½ hours total. Make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before your game time for prep and paperwork.

Q. How many people do I need in my group?

A. The games are designed for 6-8 players, ages 16 and older. You need a minimum of 6 people to reserve a private escape game.

*BOOKING A MINIMUM OF 6 PLAYERS WILL GUARANTEE A PRIVATE GAME ROOM.  You can add  and pay for an additional 2 players for a full game of 8 at the door.  Reservations Required. You must call and pay for Reservations 24 hours in advance to secure room. Call today! 563-344-9187

Q. How much does it cost?

A.    Our 60 minute game is $25.00 per person, our 75 minute game is $30 per person.

Q. Am I really locked inside of the Room?

A.  Well…we would lock you in if we could, but we can’t! Escape Experience has the ability to make it seem as though you are locked in with only one way out but in reality if there was an emergency situation your group would be able to exit the room.  We are watching your game on camera for the safety of all members of your group at all times. Your safety and a fun experience is our top priority!

Q. Is there anything scary about the Escape Room?

A. No, there are no spooks or scares during your Escape Experience.  Just a whole lot of fun!!

Q. I can no longer attend the Escape Experience on the day and time I purchased my ticket. What should I do?

A.  Unfortunately we do not offer refunds for purchased tickets.  Please try to find a friend or family member to be a replacement player for your group.

Q.  What if we can’t figure out one of the puzzles or we feel “stuck” ?

A. We have the ability ( In a fun way ) to help you along by giving you an additional hint on what we feel your group may need help with along the way. We have our Escape Experience game masters watching in on your game to make sure you have the most fun possible during your time at Skellington Manor Escape Experience.

Q.  I want to receive information on  Skellington Manor Escape Experience such as finding out about new rooms and joining contests and giveaways. What should I do?

A. Like us on Facebook and check back periodically to hear about any updates, promotions and giveaways from Skellington Manor Escape Experience.  Remember to comment and share to stay an active member of Escape Experience to receive our posts on a regular basis.  We appreciate you leaving a review rating and feedback if you had a great time at Skellington Manor Escape Experience and we will look forward to locking you up!